About Us

About Us

LinkOne Communication Systems is an innovative Telecom service provider, bringing turn-key solutions to reconstruct the foundations of your brand. Our wide range of products and services are targeted to all those who want to leverage the benefits of telecom and make their operations more efficient.

We started by identifying a gap in the UAE market. We found there is a lack of resourceful and experienced telecom contractors in the industry who can provide useful products and services. Evaluating the companies across the market, we also understand that where companies can access the products, they have very limited technical support to use them.

This is why we provide adequate and timely solutions for various segments of the telecommunication industry. From wireless networks to telecom infrastructure, you can optimize the entire cycle of your operations and make them more constructive. In doing so, you can rely on our technical expertise to formulate the best solution to your critical issues.

After all, we are committed to helping prospective businesses like you in making the most out of the opportunities available out there. The world is a telecom, and now it’s your turn to be its firm part.

Our services and products are guided by our commitment to support your corporate goals. In every part of our work, we ensure to meet your aspirations and fulfil our promise.

Reasons to choose us

The strength of our work relies on the quality of our services and products. We pay extensive attention to the quality of our products, ensuring that they are in compliance with the industry standards and technological advancements. On the other hand, our services are guided by your unique requirements, as we make sure that they are in accordance with your needs. We keep you within the loop of our services, so the end result can fulfil your goals.

For us, the value in results matters the most. In this way, we ensure that when providing our services and products, you can gain valuable outcomes in return as well. We focus on your unique requirements, together with the budgetary needs. Considering these requirements, we provide you with state of the art facilities that can confirm top-notch results in return. We pride ourselves on resolving connectivity and broadband issues, so our customers can continue to grow and stay connected.

Innovation and creativity lie at the heart of our services. We keep a close eye on the industry trends, ensuring that all the innovative features of the telecommunication industry are within our reach as well. Our market-leading solutions integrate capabilities designed for differentiation in the industry. As service providers, we also focus on staying ahead of the crunch and ensuring our trusted clients can maximize their competitive edge in the market.

The excellence of our services and products comes down to our commitment. Many customers in the UAE find it daunting to trust telecom companies because of their lagging quality. But, at LinkOne Communication Systems, we do our best to uphold our promise and continue providing consistent services to all our customers. In doing so, we understand how to deal with risks and maintain a facilitating relationship with the customers.

We keep a pace with the changing dynamics in the industry, so our services and products can adapt as well. In this regard, we rely on our experienced and talented team to help us continuously improve our operations. With a skilful team of experts, we are well-placed to understand the requirements of our customers, provide constructive solutions to their problems, and deal with the challenges in the external environment.

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Want to revolutionize the way you interact with telecom technology? There’s nothing to fret over. Contact us and tell us more about your telecom requirements. We ensure that by trusting our services, you would be able to integrate constructiveness in your operations and change the way you move in the market. Innovation now a thriving reality.


Office # 115, 1st Floor,
Commercial Bank of Dubai Bldg,
Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Qouz Ind 3
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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