Telecommunication Contracting

Committed to excellence and quality, our constructive telecom service encompasses everything from planning to the incorporation of the support structure. Our bespoke solutions enable us to work with numerous companies according to their specific needs.

In doing so, we conduct comprehensive surveys, feasibilities studies, and network audits to evaluate the viability of the project. With everything in place, we plan and install the required structure, together with focusing on the maintenance.

Implementation of Telecom Towers

We have the ability to design and deploy Telecom Towers with a focus on the commercial goals. Our cost-effective solutions allow the Telecom Operators to integrate innovation in their business and free their monetary expenditure from passive structures.

In this way, our customers have more opportunities to divert their focus on the core goals of their business while our services cover their needs. In embarking our innovative offerings, we pay attention to the requirements of our customers, so our solutions can be applied.

WiFi Design & Implication

Our work revolves around providing high performance and business-grade WiFi networks to help customers meet their connectivity needs. WiFi is becoming even more critical for all kinds of industries and brands. On the other hand, internet access across venues, stadiums, campus, and other areas of high-density population is also becoming important.

We help customers remove the visibility issues in public networks, confirm corner-to-corner coverage, and resolve all the capacity constraints arising in enterprises. With the amalgamation of wireless engineering and networking expertise, we provide your business with a number of different access points.

When it is about the full turnkey WiFi solutions we provide the equipment supply such as the Ethernet switches, cloud software and the controllers. Some of the special ancillary items we offer are:

  • Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6a cables (FT 4 and FT rated)
  • Network and end-user monitoring devices
  • Conduits
  • Data patch cables, patch panels, RJ 45 connectors and wall jacks

Infrastructure Installation

Our capability also extends to the installation and deployment of necessary infrastructure, ensuring that our customers can establish their systems and innovate their full cycle of operations. Some of our installation solutions include IBS DAS Implementation and DC System with Rectifier Installation.

Our team of experts focus on your requirements from planning to design and maintenance. In doing so, we focus on cost-effectiveness and security of the system. With the implementation of the Data Centers, Customized Outdoor and Underground shelters with the electro mechanical work. We also offer the complete range of ICT designs identifying our environmental responsibility when consolidating our solutions.

Telecom Repairs

Our repairing services will ensure that you can fix your equipment and put it back on track. We can help you by testing and repairing telecom equipment, replacing it in case of an emergency, and customizing service-level agreements.

In case you need any support for backhaul systems or legacy telecom equipment, we can work with you for ensuring your networks operate reliably. Our trained repairing technicians can fix the faulty or the broken headsets just like the new ones.

Wireless Solutions

As a well-established integrator, we help companies by designing and supporting critical networking solutions. Some of our most efficient wireless solutions include virtual controllers, access points, cloud systems, network access control, wireless intrusion prevention system, point to point, mesh networks, and counter-less wireless LAN.

In doing so, we design, audit, consult, and support efficiency to ensure productive end results. We also offer the following products for the complete wireless solutions:

  • LTE Networks
  • Fixed LTE
  • 2-Way Radio Systems
  • LTE Modern Routers
  • Point-to-multipoint Microwave Networks
  • Narrow Band Data Radio

DAS Network Design

Link One communications have been designing and constructing telecoms cell sites since 2001. We have been delivering turnkey microcell networks since 2004, encompassing RF Planning, base station design, backhaul, BTS hotel, site construction, installation, commissioning, integration and overall program management. We are experienced in the design and installation of micro, pico, small cell and indoor Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) applications. Implementations have included enhancers, passive and active DAS systems from small single antenna solutions to hybrid systems across a number of buildings.

To ensure the smooth implementation of any in-building project involving Link one communications, we implement a full suite of professional services to assure your future-ready solution delivers optimal coverage and capacity from the outset which includes

  • Project survey
  • RF Design
  • Installation Design
  • Commissioning & site Acceptance
  • Consultancys
  • Training

Fibre optic solutions

Based on profound experience and exquisite technologies, Link One communications could provide customers with high-quality and high-performance fiber optic cabling solutions to meet customers' different needs, such as fiber to the home (FTTH), fiber to the building (FTTB), fiber to the office (FTTO), etc. We provide the whole set of products including fiber optic cables, cable terminal devices, fiber optic passive components, tool kit, test equipment and professional technical support as well as excellent services.

We can provide total network solutions through a flexible package of bespoke services and products including pigtails, connectors, patch panels, accessories, boxes, splicing and fiber testing solutions.

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